Coincidence & Complexity. Can They Meet?

By: Sara Abbasy

Studying medicine has opened the doors to think deeply about topics I previously sealed and considered unanswered. I liked to share them here.

7 years… I thought… 7 years to complete med school.

I pushed a pile of my medical books away with a sigh, uncertain of the path I chose for myself.

Long journey, huh?

Leaning against the wall and staring into nothingness, sick of the countless details I’ve got to shovel into my drained out brain, I wondered “How can I be terribly worn out after studying about acreaturewho happens to exist by a mere accident? Think, think… Can the complexity of the human body be justified by coincidence? Can coincidence even create something so incredibly precise taking us 7 years, even more, to study and perfect?

I gazed into the moonlit sky searching for an answer.

I saw Darwin’s theory waving its hand in the horizon, but no, it can’t be true. According to Darwin’s theorysomething cannot exist unless it can be seen heard or felt.

Does the big bang theory fill in the missing puzzle of our existence?”

Well, I know that our rationality exists, but the question here is, can we see it? I can see that everything on earth is held by gravity, in other words, we can see its effect on earth, but can we see gravity itself?

So I would modify the theory I mentioned above and would say: some things which are not seen do exist, if we can’t see them, then we can see their effects somewhere.

Materialism is the entitled motto of this century and if I were to give this era a title, I’d call it “the era of evidence and proof”.

One of people’s major pursuit nowadays is directed towards looking for and debating over the truth of a divine power’s existence, a power greater than that of humans, a power beyond human perception, therefore, believing in an unseen is becoming increasingly difficult. Well, after ruminating over the complexity of our creation which has become undoubtedly apparent after joining medical school, I came to realize that the proof has always existed, but some are still unable to see it.

A verse which I read lately flashed across my mind, it says, “And within yourselves. Do you not see?” Surah Ad-Dariyat, verse 21. One doesn’t need to be a philosopher or a scholar to tackle issues like this, it’s with simple logic that you can unravel questions that seem to have no answer to.

I realised that the strongest evidence of His existence is us, all these years required for medical students to complete their studies simply indicates greatness of creation which can only be justified by the presence of a great designer. Let’s think about it this way: a book can never exist without an author, a cake can never exist without a baker and a building can never exist without an engineer.

Following the same pattern, why can’t we say the same about humans? Tracing our existence back through our parents, grandparents and great grandparents, then who is the founder of the first ever human being to walk on earth? Shouldn’t it be a power much greater than humans?

Who is Sara:

Sara Abbasy was born in 2005 to Egyptian parents. She currently studies medicine at Ain Shams University in Cairo after completing her IGCSEs and A Levels.
She is involved in various activities, and volunteer work, and endeavors to dispel widespread misconceptions about the religion of Islam.