Suffering to achieve success:

Football clubs pay millions to buy players in order to assign them the great task of winning the League Cup.

The basis of the player’s assignment is his physical fitness, which if attempts to maintain it fail, the mission is failed.

In the “Borussia Dortmund” team, coach “Thomas Tugel” established a strict diet regime for his players, which includes abstaining from eating processed sugar and white flour. “Togel” also prevented talking on the phone while the players were eating meals together. The club employs two chefs who prepare “athlete’s food”, which is an assortment that includes fish, meat, vegetables and fruits, as well as an after-dining dessert.

It came to “Dortmund” that he published a book called “The difference is what is in the plate.” There is a chapter in this book that talks about good foods and bad foods. On their website, the German Football Association also provides advice to young people regarding proper nutrition.

It even comes down to setting specific dates for the player to meet with his wife and children, bedtimes, etc.

This is similar to the case of fashion models around the world whose body shape is the basis of their mission.

In the book “The Hunger” published in 2010, “Crystal Raine”, the ideal model, wrote about her experience working as a model since her young age.

While other models were resorting to maintaining their weight by eating cotton or paper tissues, because this makes them feel full, but certainly does not give them any useful calories. Their diet included drinking a cup of black coffee without sugar.

When asked about her modeling philosophy, supermodel “Kate Moss” said, “There is no feeling as beautiful as being thin.”

It has spread among athletes, as is the case in society as well, the presence of vegetarians or those who greatly reduce the consumption of meat and those who focus on eating food products made from organic vegetables and fruits, and those who eat only fish meat, in addition to those who only eat what has fallen from trees, that is, all examples found among athletes.

A goal worth suffering

What I heared and love to share (1):

“The mind is the outlet of God’s assignment to man in this world, and intoxicants came to cover up the mind. The entrance of man to God is the mandated reason.

The mad person is not assigned, because his choice tool between alternatives is not active. What does not have alternative, there is no role to the mind in it. The mind exists to choose between alternatives.

Therefore, the mind must be present and sound, which is the basis of the assignment. Man’s criteria must be correct and valid, so that he can choose the good alternative and avoid the bad one.

It is not a Man’s right to conceal the mind which is the basis of God’s mandate by drinking alcohol. As if Man deliberately wanted the great blessing which is his outlet to belief in God and his outlet to commissioning to be disrupted.

All duties after that, including prayer, fasting, and others are a branch of the mandated reason. Instinct is by nature sound and should not be spoiled. When a person drinks wine, it is as if he has returned to God the blessing that distinguished him from an animal.

Whoever drinks alcohol to forget his problems, for example, is like one who runs away from problems instead of facing them.

The Creator wants us to face problems with a sound mind. We must not obliterate the law of choosing alternatives in our minds.”

The greater the goal is, the more difficult the person endures in order to achieve it.

The primary purpose of life isn’t to enjoy a temporary sense of happiness, but to achieve Inner and Deep Peace through knowing and worshipping the Creator.

Achieving this aim will lead eventually to eternal bliss and true happiness. So, if this is our goal, we will go through every trouble to achieve it.

Distinguishing between right and wrong:

Researcher Sabur Ahmad said:

It is possible for a person to use his logic and reason to become an atheist, Hindu, Buddhist, Christian, etc.

However, what makes man able to distinguish between right and wrong is the ability to comprehend the source of this reason and logic, and the ability to know the true attributes of this source (God is one, He is not embodied in the image of a human being, idol, or a stone, and has no child, He is omnipotent, omniscient, etc.), and the ability to realize the explanation of this rationality that we possess, which distinguishes us from the rest of the creatures and whose value exceeds what man needs for survival and reproduction.

From what I also previously heard and liked:

Atheist philosophers of biology, including the American biologist and philosopher Alex Luzmberg, say as they declare their failure:

Natural selection does not give an explanation for the truth; it only explains reproduction and survival.

They also say:

All we have to explain biochemistry, biology, anatomy, and linguistics is only reproduction and survival, and therefore we cannot trust our rationality because we have no explanation for it.

Charles Darwin wrote a letter to his friend William Graham in 1881 saying:

“I have a terrible doubt as to whether the convictions of the human mind, which in turn evolved from the minds of inferior beings such as the ape, are of any value or deserve the slightest confidence. Can a person trust the convictions of the mind of an ape? If there are convictions in such a mind.”

The problem with Darwinists also arises when they want to give an explanation about right and wrong beliefs (truth and falsehood).

They say:

For example, some types of mushrooms are poisonous and some are not. It is possible for a person to survive and live under the false belief that all types of mushrooms are poisonous. He cannot differentiate between poisonous and non-poisonous and can not differentiate true and false because it is not geared for truth, but rather geared for survival from the Darwinian point.

How can we trust our rationality when our rationality is not directed to the truth, but is directed to reproduction and survival only?

Thinking is a quality in itself that revolves around truth, and not about survival and reproduction.

The Darwinists, by their own admission, faced the problem of the human rationality sourcs as mentioned earlier and wondered, how does an inanimate, metaphysical matter appears in the tangible matter that leads to rationality?

How does rationality arise from a random, irrational source? And they acknowledged that their theory does not answer this question as we mentioned and could not give an explanation for it.

How can an atheist trust his mind and logic when his mind did not help him know the source of his sanity?

Here, the Darwinists ran into a problem, which is the source of human sanity.

Basic foundation of everything:

The animal is also sensible in its search for its food, place of residence, and so on, but it does not possess the ability to think that would enable it to distinguish between right and wrong.

This is what distinguishes man, which is a gift from the Creator of the universe to him, and it is the secret of assignment.

The followers of this theory had only two options:

  • Either they consider themselves irrational and indistinguishable from any animal or inanimate based on their theory.
  • Or to admit a source outside the scope of nature, metaphysical, independent of itself, which has created their rationality for them.

Without the reality of the Creator’s existence, there is no mind for the man to reason with, as the several attempts conducted to know the source of man’s rationality and logic through the theory of random selection, which is blind to anything right or wrong, have failed.

Therefore, the only explanation of our existence is the existence of a Creator.

God “the Creator”, Who has no child or any partner, Who does not incarnate in any of His creature’s image or body nor in any idol. He created Prophet Jesus without father, and He created Prophet Adam without father or mother. He creates but begets not. We have to have a direct connection with God by worshiping Him directly without any intermediary (priests, saints, prophets or idols, etc.).

Dr. Abd Al Wahab Al Mesiry says:

“Allah (the Creator) is the basic foundation of everything, the basic foundation of human communication, to ensure that the truth is truth. If the Creator is forgetten, the foundation of the entire universe collapse”.

(1) Muhammad Mutwali Al Sha’rawy.

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