Physicist Albert Einstein says [1]:

“Everyone who is seriously involved in the pursuit of science becomes convinced that some spirit is manifest in the laws of the universe, one that is vastly superior to that of man. In this way, the pursuit of science leads to a religious feeling of a special sort.”

Islam becomes stronger despite being fought:

Among the teachings of Islam are:

  • The universe has a Great Creator, Who created it for great wisdom.
  • Humans have a Great Creator, Who created them for great wisdom.
  • The Creator is separated from humans.
  • The Creator does not come to earth in any animal form or a human form.
  • Humans are separated from each other.
  • Each person has an independent soul.
  • The universe is separated from the Creator and humans.
  • For this universe, and for this life, there is an end, where the Creator will hold human beings accountable for their deeds.

On these axioms, some people declared war.

A Hindu told me one day:

Blue can be red for me, there is no right or wrong.

For me, the Creator can be embodied in the form of a human or an animal, because He is capable of everything, but for you He does not do that. Every belief is true.

I said:

Your statement is full of fallacies.

The Creator does not do everything He can. Incarnation does not befit the Majesty of the Creator, and it is logically impossible; it contradicts His attributes. It is impossible for the two opposites of imperfection attributes and perfection attributes to meet. This does not befit the Majesty of the Creator.

Embodiment is a defect and imperfection (weakness, need, poverty, humiliation, etc).

The ability of the Creator to incarnation according to you means that He comes in any form. Therefore everything in existence is possible to be worshiped, then, everything can be the Creator. But in fact, everything belongs to the Creator. Everything can not be the Creator Himself.

He said:

There is no absolute truth. We Hindus are free, and you Muslims are enslaved, because you do not accept that truth can be found elsewhere. You are intolerant.

He added:

Stealing can be right for the thief and wrong for the one who has been robbed.

He also added:

We don’t have to ask the Creator for worldly issues.

I said:

It is rational for the patient to resort to the source which gave him health (the Creator) by crying out for help and asking directly when gets sick. It is illogical, for example, for someone whose phone has broken down to resort to the car factory to repair the phone.

I added:

So to me, your wife who is standing next to you could be a tree.

Do you tolerate that?

Is it possible for your father to be your son and you to be the father of your father?

Could your eyes be your nose?

If I ask you, is your father alive or dead?

The answer that he is alive and dead at the same time is not valid. If he was alive, he would not be dead, and if he was dead, he would not be alive.

The Creator is the ever living who does not die. If He dies, He will not be the ever living who does not die.

If the Creator get embodied in the form of a human being, then He cannot remain divine (God) at the same time.

You can somehow make it square if you have a circular electrical wire. But it is impossible to call it round and square simultaneously. Either it remains circular, or it turns into a square.

Incarnation or non-incarnation are opposite descriptions which leads to opposites meeting. This has nothing to do with the Creator’s ability or lack of ability.

He said:

I don’t tolerate that, but the Creator does. These are minor issues that God doesn’t care about.

I told him:

If you insult an animal, no one can blame you, but if you insult your parents, you’ll be reprimanded severely. Don’t look how small the sin is but look to the greatness of whom you disobeyed.

I also told him:

The Creator reply to what you say:

And they attribute to Allah (God) that which they dislike, and their tongues assert the lie that they will have the best [from Him]. Assuredly, they will have the Fire, and they will be [therein] neglected. (The Bee:62)

I added:

Wrong is wrong even if everyone agrees otherwise. For example, if you give a cat a piece of meat, the cat will eat next to you. But if the cat stole the piece of meat, the cat would run away and eat away from you. They naturally know right from wrong. 

True enslavement is being enslaved to ignorance and passions. Ignorance in this age is a choice.

People drawn to the term tolerance in order to not differentiate between right and wrong is like a brainwashing process for people through which people lose the ability to resist the mentality of enslavement.

Logic is the structure of truth, and rationality is innate in humans.

No matter how human rationality is hindered and distorted by other factors, rationality remains innate in the human. He returns to it whenever the effect of what confuses him becomes less.

Therefore, fighting the truth is a failed attempt because it will shed more light on the truth, and direct people’s attention to the place where conflicts or intellectual movements are taking place, as the eye always follows the movement.

Not only that, but most of all, the attempt to fight the truth triggers people of the truth.

I also said:

When you monitor the attitudes of those interested in intellectual arguments, comparison of religions, or existential philosophical issues in general, you find that they were initially subjected to suspicions about issues of faith.

These suspicions raised their questions and critical sense and caused them to adopt a case and a goal in this life.

This goal is to remove the dust which coveres the truth and display the truth with its bright light.

The common sense says:

Any explosion in this universe, according to the laws of cosmic physics, leads to chaos!! So where is the logic that the Big Bang led to the formation of this well-ordered and controlled universe with extreme precision, and what is the wisdom behind that?

  • Logic says that the cause of the existence of the universe is different from the universe, and a wise power has created it wisely.
  • Logic says that the Creator does not enter into the creature, nor does the maker enter into the workmanship.
  • Logic says that direct communication with the Creator is the wisest means.

In the true Islam, a Bedouin enters upon the Prophet of God, Muhammad, while he is sitting on the ground with the people, and asks: Which of you is Muhammad?

In the true Islam, there is no hierarchical arrangement for the people of the religion similar to the military ranks.

In the true Islam, there are no priests to mediate between you and the Creator, for He is closer to you than your jugular vein.

In the true Islam, you do not need a temple in which offerings are offered to the statues of the Lord and you confess your sins to a priest who intercedes for you with God to forgive them, or a shrine of a righteous saint (the grave of a dead person) in which you approach him instead of God and ask Him for supplies and your worldly needs in exchange for an amount of money.

In the true Islam there is no difference between an Arab or a non-Arab, white or black, no racism, and no people chosen by God.

The true Islam is not rituals and utterances that you say on a weekday in a temple, church, or mosque, and then go out to do whatever you want in your life.

There is no moderate Islam and an immoderate Islam. The true Islam is the religion of moderation in the first place.

An atheist once said to me:

What is the difference between the term God and the term Creator?

I said to him:

Every person must take for himself what he sanctifies and make it the focus of his life. This is what is called God or deity. And the Creator should be the only God for every human being.

The word “Allah” means the one and only God Who has no partner or son. He is the Creator.

The atheist said:

Did the Creator create humans to play and have fun?

I said to him:

The Creator has answered your question in the Holy Quran, where He said:

We did not create the heavens and the earth and everything in between in play. (The Prophets – 16)

  • The Creator, Who is the One and Only God in Islam, you know by contemplation.
  • If you lived alone on an isolated island, you would know the Creator.
  • When you contemplate the life & death cycle, which includes every creature in the universe, you will come to know that He is the life Giver and the life Taker.
  • When you know that nothing in the universe was created in vain and everything has a role in this existence, you will know that He is the Wise.
  • When you realize that everything in the universe is set in a delicate balance, you would know that He is the Everlasting.

As for true Islam, which is the recognition of the existence of the Creator and submission to Him by worshiping Him directly, it is the pure instinct upon which the human was born.

It is the testimony that you bear when you reach the moment of realization.

It is not passed on to you by baptism, inheritance, or culture. Not by practicing what you found your fathers and grandfathers to do.

Monotheism, which is the basis of Islam, is the default operating system on which you are programmed in order to return to the place where you were created, which is Heaven.

He said:

So why is Islam being fought then?

I replied:

The further a society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those who mention it.

The truth does not die when the people of falsehood fight it, but rather when the people of truth remain silent about it.

The truth does not accept multiplicity, courtesy, and hypocrisy, because it is one. But falsehood is multiple and contradictory.

Falsehood does not need to be distorted because it is originally distorted.. But the truth is always tried by its enemies to distort it because it is true.

The group that has only the material interests as its goal has no higher goal in front of it.

The Quran says that this kind of life is a life at the animal level.

Indeed, Allah will admit those who have believed and done righteous deeds to gardens beneath which rivers flow, but those who disbelieve enjoy themselves and eat as grazing livestock eat, and the Fire will be a residence for them. (Muhammad- 47:12)

This group of people enjoys material things, indulges in comforts of life, and dies. But the other group believes that material things are only a means to achieve a higher goal.

Islam is a complete way of life. The true Islam is a danger threats the trade of many people.

It has been 250 years since the transatlantic slave trade was abolished, there are 46 million people trapped in modern slavery worldwide.

The beauty industry for examples is no stranger to moral debate. From animal testing and plastic pollution, to the perpetuation of unachievable standards; campaigns have been fought and won, and the ever-changing face of beauty has been forced to adapt to escape its ugly depths.

This situation applies to all other industries, such as the cinema and music industries.

There must be a Higher Power that people glorify so that they are not enslaved to their whims.

The testimony that there is no god but God “the Creator” is a declaration of freedom and liberation from:

Resorting to a priest or saint.

Resorting to idols.

Oppression of beauty industry.

Oppression of fashion industry.

Enslavement of music industry.

Enslavement of movies industry.

Enslavement of social media.

Enslavement of illusions and superstitions.

There should be no true deity except the Creator.

Man is born free but everywhere is in chains.2″

If we do not worship the Creator, we will worship everything else.

The Creator said:

Allah sets forth the parable of a slave owned by several quarrelsome masters, and a slave owned by only one master. Are they equal in condition?Praise be to Allah! In fact, most of them do not know. (Al-Zumar:29)

  • The Creator must be the center of the universe
  • The right of the Creator should be the focus of life.
  • The existence of the Creator is the value of life.
  • Without the existence of the Creator, life has no value.

The true religion of the Creator is:

  • Believing in the Creator of the universe.
  • He is the One and Only God who does not come to earth in the form of a human being or an animal. He Who created Adam without a father or a mother, and who created Christ without a father, for He is the one who creates and does not give birth.
  • Human beings must abandon the worship of idols and the doctrine of the Trinity, and refrain from resorting to mediators such as priests, and saints. They have to stop resorting to graves and resorting to the Prophet of God Muhammad or any member of his family, or resorting to any of God’s prophets asking for help.
  • Humans must believe in all the prophets of God from Adam to Muhammad, including Christ and Moses, may blessings and peace be upon them all.
  • Humans must have faith in the Day of Judgment where human beings will be held accountable for their deeds.

This is the absolute truth that people must surrender to, and that no matter how much Islam is fought, it will appear, strengthen and spread because it is the truth, as nothing is above the truth.


  • The Qur’an is the last sacred book sent by God, but not the only book, as Muslims believe in all the earlier revelations of God (the scriptures of Abraham, the book of David, the Torah, the Gospel,etc.). Muslims believe that the original message in all the sacred books is Pure Monotheism (unifying God in worship). Unlike the Divine scriptures that preceded, the Qur’an has not been kept in the hands of any particular group or clergymen of allMuslims which would lead to the misinterpretation or alteration of it. On the contrary, the Qur’an has always been within the reach of Muslims who recite it in their daily prayers, and they refer to it for all their concerns.  Muslims read and recite the same Qur’anic text that was read and recited during the lifetime of the Prophet Muhammad and his companions. Not a single letter has been added or removed from the Qur’an. The language of the Qur’an, the prophecies which came true, the accuracy in historical accounts, the mathematical inimitability and scientific accuracy, all prove that the Qur’an could not have been produced by a man who lived in Arabia in the 7th century and who could not read or write. God the Almighty challenged the Arabs and the non-Arabs to bring forth a book similar to the one He revealed, even though the Arabs at that time were masters of eloquence and rhetoric, they were unable to meet the challenge, and they realized that the Qur’an could not be from any other than God, the Lord of the universe.
  • The reference of God to Himself as WE or US in many verses of the Qur’an denotes Grandeur and Power in Arabic. In the English language this is known as the royal WE, where a plural pronoun is used to refer to a single person holding a high office, such as a monarch. For the avoidance of doubt, the Qur’an has consistently reminded us of the SINGULAR pronoun in reference to God, when called upon by His servants.
  • The Christians, Jews, and Muslims in the Middle East use the word “Allah” to refer to God, which refers to The Only True God.


[1][UQAE] 2010, The Ultimate Quotable Einstein, Edited by Alice Calaprice, Section: On or to Children, Page 80, Princeton University Press, Princeton, New Jersey. (Verified on paper)

[2]This quote made the Geneva-born political philosopher, Jean-Jacques Rousseau.

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