I always loved my mother’s head cover. I was keen to read about covering the head in high school, but I was never able to make a decision in wearing it.

Eventually, I watched a TV program for a famous Scholar at that time, who gave a wonderful description of a woman’s headcover.

He said:

The veil of a Muslim woman is like a beautiful frame for a valuable painting.

I liked this description a lot, and since then, I decided to cover my head in high school.

This decision was based on my strong desire to follow the example of believing women throughout history who took the veil as a symbol of their righteousness, such as the Vigin Mary, the mother of Prophet Jesus (the Christ), peace be upon him, and the wives of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him.

I then realised that there was no way for me to find something beautiful and elegant for veiled women in the market, so I decided to study fashion design for this purpose.

British Study:

A British study that was recently conducted by the Starch Center for Scientific Research confirmed the classification of Saudi women as the third most beautiful women after Hungarian and Polish women.

In announcing this result, the study relied on the tenderness that the Saudi girl enjoys, while maintaining an enormous amount of modesty that is evident in her behavior, in addition to her superior ability to interact with fashion without losing any of her modesty.

In this regard, all her requests are met, there is always someone who serves her, she has her own allocated money that is provided by her parents without her having to work, and she gains attention from her family members. This attention remains even after she moves to her husband’s house.

The researcher described the Saudi girls, who represent the status of women in Islam, as “queens of the world”, proving this by saying, “The queen does not drive the car, but there is someone who takes care of that.”

The study added that Saudi girls take great care of their beauty, good looks and grace.

“Christopher Gulayel” , who prepared the research, points out that Saudi women are veiled, and the sun cannot affect their skin, which keeps it fresh.

It is noteworthy that this research study came under the name of “The World’s Most Beautiful Girls.”

Regardless of the adherence of the Saudi girl in particular or the Muslim girl in general to this beautiful image of decency and dignity that the report describes or not, her adherence to the religion’s teachings remains the most appropriate choice for her. The Creator knows women’s nature and what suits them, exalts their status, or lowers their position.

In addition, I want to add that the Muslim woman also achieved balance in her relationship with her Creator by worshipping Him alone without associating anyone in with Him, which means she prays and supplicates to him directly, not through a priest, saint, or any other intermediary.

We find that many nations and civilizations have failed to achieve this balance.

While the nation of Prophet Jesus, peace be upon him, raised his status and his mother Mary to the point of divinity, the followers of Moses, peace be upon him, refused to recognize Christ as a messenger of God.

The Muslim achieved the required balance. He believed in, respected and valued Christ . That is by believing his true message and worshipping God as all previous prophets worshipped Him.

The Suffering of Western Women:

Several news sites recently reported the tragedy of a 31-year-old Australian girl who works as a women’s swimwear designer.

This girl used her so-called freedom by posting pictures of her in a bikini swimsuit.

However, her Instagram photos were met with ridicule and severe attack for her apparent increase in weight, which does not match Western standards for the ideal female figure.

The English Daily Star newspaper published the news under the headline:

A social media activist defies the abusers who demanded that her body should be covered by publishing her real photos in a bikini, which was described by the abusers’ disgusting pictures.

This is a clear message that the West sends to a woman stating that: When we gave you the freedom to show your body, we want to see a beautiful sight with specifications and standards that we set for the purpose of our enjoyment.

The same news made it clear that the Australian girl “Kareena”, the heroine of our story, believes that people have a distorted idea of ​​what real women looks like, and this is due to the unnatural standards of beauty found on storefronts and in pornographic films.

The British newspaper “The Independent” also recently published about the tragedy of a 27-year-old American girl.

She had an embarrassing experience when she was banned from riding a party bus because of her weight.

She tells her story herself, saying that she was deeply offended when she received a message from the party organizers that they had strict standards of appearance.

It becomes clear to us now the racism of the West – claimed to be urbanization- that sends an indirect message to women of their low value to her.

This reveals the truth of the myth of the free Western woman.

It explains that the freedom of the Western woman is linked to the pleasure of the Western man, who sets it up for women to walk under different names such as fashion, slim body, sexy body, etc.

We can all read about statistics of death and disfigurement rates that occured from plastic surgery.

What urged the woman to go through all this torment? It’s because they forced her to compete with physical beauty instead of intellectual beauty, making her lose her true value and even her life.

I’ll mention here a comment made by a German elderly person when I spoke to him about the importance of a woman’s veil, where he said:

You want to deprive us men of the pleasure of looking at beautiful women.

I said to him: So you are not calling for the freedom woman, but for the freedom of accessing her body.

In fact, history has not known a nation that honored women and raised their status like the Islamic nation.


Why Religion? A Journey in the memory

Faten Sabri

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المرأة السعودية الأولى دلالاً والثالثة جمالاً عالميًا

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Influencer defies trolls who tell her to cover up.

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