Truth is the Word That Matches Reality:

While traveling around the world, the strange use of some terms by some people to identify oneself or others always caught my attention.

I remember facing funny situations because of the housemaid’s definition of her friends, cousins, and people from her village as her brothers, until one day I jokingly told her: What a big number of brothers and sisters you have, you are fit to form a soccer team.

I do not, of course, deny human brotherhood, but the Islamic religion taught me that clarity and putting things straight in its correct positions is the base for a healthy life that is based on the truth that Islam came to establish on earth.

That is because Allah (God the Creator) is the Truth, and that which they call upon other than Him is falsehood, and because God is the Most High, the Grand.[1]

Islam came to establish the truth regarding the Creator of the universe first, and then to establish the truth regarding the creatures.

Believing in God (the Creator), that He has no partner or son. He does not incarnate in any of His creations or any idol. Also, humans need to have a direct connection with Him, not through any priest or saint.

Say, ‘Tell me about your partners [you ascribe to God] whom you invoke besides God? Show me what [part] of the earth have they created. Do they have any share in the heavens?’ Have we given them a scripture so that they stand on a manifest proof thereof? Rather the wrongdoers do not promise one another [anything] except delusion.[2]

The verse here indicates that worshipping someone else apart from God includes the claim that they are deities, while God must be a creator.

The proof that He is the Creator is either witnessed by what He created in the universe, or by witnessing the inspiration from God who proved to be the Creator.

So, if this claim does not have evidence from the creation of the universe, nor have evidence from the words of the Creator, then the claim is necessarily null.

Some Arabs believed that the smart man had two hearts. If one of the Arabs got angry at his wife, he would tell her: you are like my mother.

Other Arabs adopted a son from another family, and attributed him to themselves as if he was their biological son, similar to what people do in the West nowadays.

So, Almighty God judged all these claims as mere words of the tongue, and it is against the truth.

God did not place two hearts inside any man’s body. Nor did He make your wives whom you equate with your mothers, your actual mothers. Nor did He make your adopted sons, your actual sons. These are your words coming out of your mouths. God speaks the truth, and guides to the path. [3]

The previous examples show the difference between truth and falsehood, for truth reflects true knowledge that matches reality, and falsehood is an illusion.

Islam urges to sponsor an orphan, and urges the sponsor of the orphan to treat the orphan as he treats his children, but it preserves the right for the orphan to get to know his true family, to preserve his right to his father’s inheritance, and to avoid mixing of lineages.

The story of the Western girl, who accidentally learned after thirty years that she was an adoptive daughter and committed suicide, is the greatest evidence of the corruption of the adoption law.

If her adoptive parents had told her from childhood, they would have mercy on her and given her the opportunity to search for her family.

That is why it was necessary to properly and correctly define each member of society, whether they were brothers, cousins, friends, or strangers, and so on.

Justice of Language:

Today, homosexuals are demanding to abolish the so-called language bias. They claim that language contains pronouns that refer to the male in a different way from female.

They prefer to unify pronouns to facilitate their abnormal life matters, which is a violation of the laws of nature.

We, as Muslims, are forced to open the door to discussion to convince the corruptors of language fairness, which has put things in perspective, that God created males and females in this life, who have different physiological nature.

Homosexuals demand the unification of pronouns, gender, and identity so that a person finds himself one day not knowing whether he is being treated by a male doctor or a female, or what’s the person’s identity that’s speaking to him, or the gender of the person sitting next to him.

So, we find ourselves defending the cosmic constants created by the Creator, which are originally from the axioms.

Justice of Religion:

I remember the story of the French language teacher. She was an African from a country called Benin which was adjacent to Lagos where we stayed.

After the lecture, I told her that I needed a housemaid who could speak French, for my kids and I could practice the French language with her. I was surprised when she replied to me: I am ready to work for you!

I told her: You are my teacher, and you have my all respect!

She said: You are very kind, but I am really in need of this job. You know that I come from Benin adjacent to this city, and I need a place to stay. I will clean the house for you at morning, and work in the center at evening.

Also, I noticed that you are very friendly even though your Holy Book (Qur’an) never talked about love, nor even about the love of the Creator to His servants. How can He love them while He tests them and restricts His provision?!

I replied to her: Regarding the place you need to stay in, you are welcome with no job and for free. We already have an annex for the workers, and you can share the dorms with them. Regarding what you’ve said about the Qur’an, have you ever read the Qur’an?

She replied: No, but I have heard about it.

I told her: If you read the Qur’an, you will see what is mentioned in it about the mercy and love God has for His servants. But God’s love to His servants is different from the love humans have with each other because love in humans’ case is a need that the loving person seeks and finds in the beloved, but God does not need us, humans.

Hence, His love for us is out of generosity, kindness and mercy. The love coming from the Powerful to the powerless; coming from the Free of need to the needy. The love coming from the Competent and Mighty to the helpless; coming from the Most Great to the humble. The love which comes with sagacity and wisdom.

She asked: How come?

I replied: Wouldn’t you bring your child to the operation room to have his/her stomach opened? Wouldn’t you fully trust the doctor’s insight, his love to your baby, and his consideration to save him/her from the illness?

She replied: How come He loves His creations while He limits their freedom and doesn’t permit them to do whatever they like to do?

Have you never heard about individualism? Have you ever heard about this evolving concept, which means that the individual’s decisions should be based on their benefits and pleasures?

The individual is the focus of attention, so the individual’s interests should be above the nation’s considerations and above the society’s and religion’s effects. Besides, people should not be prohibited to gender transition; they should be able to do whatever they like to do and wear and behave in public in the way they want to, as the street is everyone’s.

I said: Do you allow your children to do whatever they wish because you love them? Would you let your little son to jump out of the window or to play with an electric cord?

I also told her: Your statement where you said that the street is everyone’s is correct, but your understanding of it is wrong. If you were living with a group of people in the same house, would you ever accept one of the house members to urinate in the hall, on the same concept that the house belongs to everyone? Would you ever accept living in this house with no laws and rules to govern it?

A human who has complete freedom becomes an ugly being, as it has been unquestionably proven that the human is unable to handle this kind of freedom.

Individualism can never take the place of collectivism regardless of the individual’s power or influence. Community members are classes that cannot survive without each other and can never be independent. Some of them are soldiers, doctors, nurses, and judges.

How can any of them outweigh their benefit and personal interest over others to achieve their happiness and be the focus of attention?

She said: How can we achieve happiness then?

I replied: the meaning of happiness in individualism is victory, domination, and the possession of technology. But in Islam, true happiness is a content heart, a successful marriage, a spacious house, a good neighbor, and a comfortable vehicle, with sharing and cooperation.    

Although the Islamic Civilization was formed by a mixture of different people and tribes, it produced accountability and reward systems, along with duties and rights. The person is punished for his crimes, but he is also rewarded in other cases. Islam liberated the individual from his previous prejudices and led him to his pure inner-self to live like an honest, social civil who lives in a community, respects its laws, and appreciates his intellectual potential along with his ability to coexist beautifully with others.

A nation that aspires to progress and builds a higher goal emerges from the concept of a single identity. Everyone has their ideas and capabilities, but applying these ideas requires teamwork, and thus everyone is equal with whatever they present. So, Islam has presented the perfect relationship of the individual with his society.

I proceeded: The individual is only a small and integral part of society; this makes a peaceful and secure society because if the balance between classes is disturbed, conflicts will arise, and it will lead to dissatisfaction in society. Money is no longer the highest standard that distinguishes its owner from others, nor the power or leadership of the world is recognized because of money.

The leader in the Islamic government is not evaluated by the money he possesses. Still, by the knowledge, morals, and justice he has, and these were the qualities with which they were able to advance and achieve victories one after the other.

Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him said:

The example of the believers regarding mutual love, affection, and fellow-feeling, consists of one body; when any limb of it aches, the whole-body aches, because of sleeplessness and fever.[4]

She said: Individuality is directly related to homosexuality, so why do you not like homosexuals? Their tendencies are a natural genetic issue and tendency, and we must respect them.

As I know, it is a natural genetic issue, and we must respect it.

I said to her: Would you respect a thief’s tendency to steal? It is an inclination too, but in both cases, it is an abnormal proclivity. It’s against the human instinct, and aggression against nature; it should be rectified.

God created the human and guided him on the right path. He also gave him free will to choose between the path of righteousness and the way of evil.

And We showed him the two ways. [5]

So, we find that homosexuality was rarely seen in the societies which prohibit it. At the same time, the percentage of homosexuals is high in the ambient which permits and encourages such a behavior. The surrounding ambient and teachings determine the probability of one to be homosexual.

God glory be to Him said about the people of Prophet Lot peace be upon him:

And Lot, when he said to his people, “Do you commit lewdness no people anywhere have ever committed before you?” “You lust after men rather than women. You are an excessive people.” And his people’s only answer was to say, “Expel them from your town; they are purist people.”[6]

This verse assures that homosexuality is neither inherited nor relates to genetic code composition, for the people of Prophet Lot were the first to innovate such an obscenity; this is in line with an eminent scientific study which ensures that homosexuality has nothing to do with inherited genes.[7]

The identity of a human being is continually changing. For example, it could change according to their watched channels, used technologies, or the liking for a soccer team, as globalization made him or her so complicated.

A betrayer is now portrayed as someone with a point of view. A homosexual is described as a normal-behaving person, who thoroughly enjoys legal rights that enabled him or her to participate in public debates. Also, it is assumed that we must advocate him or her and strengthen ties too.

Superiority now is for the technology holder. Hence, if a homosexual has the power sources (technology), he or she will surely pass his convictions; this caused spoilage in the relation of the human being, society, and the Creator.

By a direct correlation among individualism and homosexuality, human nature, which human beings belong to, is dispersed, and the family’s concepts were dropped.[8]

Then, the Westerns started setting up resolutions to get rid of individualism; this is because keeping this perception will undoubtedly cause the loss of the accomplishments modern man has achieved, the same way it will cause the failure of the notion of Family.

So, till now, the Westerns have been suffering from a population decrease, which has led to attracting immigrants.

Believing in God and respecting the Divine laws He created for us, as well as the determination to following His instructions and avoiding wrong deeds, is the way to happiness in the worldly life and the hereafter[9].

A Call for Raising the Slogan of Equity not Equality:

In the context of talking about the injustice of language to women, along with Western demands for the unification of gender in the field of male and female reference pronouns, Muslims acknowledged the equality of women to men in terms of humanity and the innate rights to which religion is guided, but as Muslims and as human beings, they disagree with the West regarding physical and moral equality.

We believe, as every natural individual, in the existence of physical differences that require the division of duty in a manner that is consistent with the difference according to creation. If we look at equality in everything, the result will inevitably be the deterioration of the psychological and moral state of the woman.

The distinction between men and women raises the status of women and preserves their dignity.

I recall a funny conversation with a Latin lady who asked me: Is a Muslim woman allowed to wear earrings like other women? I laughed and replied: A Muslim woman is a human who doesn’t differ from any woman, but she understands and knows her rights and obligations and how to arrange her priorities. She can deal with such matters with great moderation in a way the Latin and western woman cannot.

She said: What do you mean?

I replied: The Muslim woman has understood the meaning of the term “privacy” well. So, while she loves her father, brother, son, and husband, she has realized that each type of love is distinguished from the other. She realized that her love for each of them requires her to give each their suitable rights. So, her father requires honor and respect, while her son requires breeding and care. She knows when and how to show her beauty, and she doesn’t appear the same way for all.

I continued: The Muslim woman is free. She has refused to surrender to the whims of others and fashion. She wears what she likes and pleases her Creator. Can’t you see how the western woman has become a captive of fashion?! Suppose style came out this season for women to wear tight pants. In that case, all women will automatically wear them even if they aren’t suitable for their figure or aren’t comfortable wearing them.

I continued: Doesn’t it scare you how the woman has turned into commodity?! There is almost no commercial without a half-naked woman; this gives an indirect message of the deteriorating value of the woman in this age.

By covering up her beauty, it’s the woman who is sending a message to the world. A statement that she is a human with value honored by God. People dealing with her must judge her according to her knowledge, beliefs, and ideas, not according to her physical appearance.

She said: That’s strange! This is what is called etiquette.

I told her: Yes! The Muslim woman has understood human nature and has understood that she needs to cover up her body from strangers to keep herself and the society from hurt. I don’t think you could deny that all women who are used to showing off their bodies wish that all women are wearing the head cover when they get old.

She said: That’s 100% correct!

Then I asked her: Have you read about women’s death and distortion rates during plastic surgeries? What do you think forced the woman to go through this suffering? It’s this beauty competition that has been forced upon her instead of an intellectual one, and that has made her lose her true value in society and lose her life.

She said: This is a strange philosophy that I have never heard before.

Then she said: Ok well, has Islam given the woman equality with men?

I replied: The Muslim woman is looking for justice, not equality. Equality with the man has made her lose a lot of her power and value.

She asked: And how is that?

I answered: Imagine buying shirts for two of your children who are five and eighteen years old. Equality by buying them the same size would make one of them suffer from not having a shirt that fits him, while justice is that you must purchase a shirt for each one of them but a suitable one, for both to be happy.

I continued: The woman in this age is striving to prove she can achieve all what man can do, but actually, she is losing her uniqueness and distinguished qualities.

God has created her to be able to do what men can’t do. It has been proven that birth pain is one of the most severe types of pains.

So, religion honored and compensated her in return by relieving her from the burden of providing living expenses or sharing her private wealth with the man, unlike what happens in western societies.

As for men, God has not given them the ability to tolerate the pain of giving birth but had given them the ability to climb mountains, for example.

She said: But I like to climb mountains and I could do it just like men.

I told her: Yes, maybe you can climb a mountain and to work hard, but still it’s you who will give birth and nurse because men couldn’t do that in all cases. So, you will have a double burden that you could have avoided.

There is something that a lot of people don’t realize. If a Muslim woman chose to demand her rights in the United Nations while giving up her rights in Islam, she would lose a lot, because her rights are more in Islam.

Islam achieves the integration between the man and the woman in a way that grants happiness for all[10].

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[8] From the article on the concept of absolute individuality and the individual in the nation, written by: Marwan Sabah, Al-Watan newspaper.

[9] Why religion? A Journey from the memory. Faten Sabri

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