Secularism, Comunism, Capitalism & Islam

A French secular asked me one day: Why not separate religion from the state, and let human thoughts along with their points of view be included in references, similar to western societies? Along with completely separating religion and the lives of people, similar to how it was implemented in the French society.

I replied smiling: You mean references depending on the human’s whims and mood swings?

I told him: If you mean Christianity, then yes, Christianity is only a spiritual belief, no system can emerge from it.

As for Islam, it is a system of life, not separated from life.

Islam is a legislative concept, from which emanates a system of life that regulates all relationships.

  • A person’s relationship with himself. (Food, clothing and morals).
  • The relationship of man with others. (Contracts and dealings).
  • Man’s relationship with his Creator. (Beliefs and rituals).

The state in Islam is not a “religious” state previously understood in Western thought.

Rather, in the Islamic concept there is no class, monasticism, or sanctity for human actions.

It is a state whose main duty is to serve the interests of people.

It is not a civil state that separates religion from life. Rather, it is a human state that applies legal provisions.

From what I heard and liked very much:

When God said in Sura Baqara-43:

Establish prayer.

He also said in Sura Maida -2:

Fulfil your obligations.

When God said in Sura Baqara-43:

Give alms.

He also said in Sura Tawba – 4:

Fulfil your obligations to them during the term of the treaty. (foreign policy).

When Prophet Muhammad said:

Take your rituals from me.

He also spoke of the economy and public property. (Oil and gas)

Prophet Muhammad said:

People are partners in three: fire, water and pasture.

I said:

Actually, we need a godly legislation that suit humans in all their cases, and doesn’t change because of inconsistent human thoughts and mood swings, similar to what happened when usury and homosexuality were allowed.

We need legislations that aren’t put by the people in power at the expense of the vulnerable like Capitalism, nor do we need communism that opposes the human innate need for possession.

I continued:

The French experiment resulted from the dominance and alliance between the church and the state over the minds and destiny of the people in the Middle Ages.

The Islamic world hasn’t faced this problem at all due to its logical and applicable system.

I remember a Latin person once asked me about the difference between the Islamic system, Capitalism and Comunism.

I said:

Capitalism has given man a free method of living and has claimed that following this path will lead to happiness and satisfaction. But what happened is that man found himself deteriorating in a society classified by class in which people either live in extravagant wealth, which has been established by unfairness to others, or in poverty and suffering for the moral people.

Communism, on the other hand, cancelled all social classes and tried to establish firm principles. But this caused more poverty and pain leading to societies that are more revolutionary than others.

As for Islam, it has achieved moderation. It is the moderate nation that has offered humanity a great balanced doctrine that is praised even by the enemies of Islam.

But unfortunately, there are Muslims who haven’t followed Islamic morals properly.

I continued:

Concerning the freedom of ownership, the private property is the main principle in capitalism, while in socialism public property is the main principle.

In Islam, several types of ownership are allowed:

  • The Public Property, which is publicly owned by Muslims, (for example the rich lands).
  • The State Property, which is owned by the state. Like for example natural wealth, that includes forests and minerals.
  • The Private Property, which is acquired only through investment work, in a way that does not threaten the public welfare.

He asked: What about free economy?

I replied: In capitalism, free economy has no boundaries. Socialism, on the other hand, completely confiscates free economy.

In Islam, free economy is acknowledged, but is limited within certain boundaries:

  • Self-determination, which emerges from the depths of oneself based on Islamic education, the spread of Islamic concepts in society.
  • Objective determination, which is legislation that forbid certain practices such as: usury, gambling, cheating, etc.

He said: Do you acknowledge democracy?

I said: We have what’s better than democracy.

We have Consultancy.

He asked: What’s the difference?

I answered: Democracy is when you consider the opinion of all family members no matter their age, or how badly their experience would affect the family. During decision making, both opinions of a kindergarten child and an old wise person would be equal.

On the other hand, the consultancy system depends on the opinions of experienced members; they get to decide what is beneficial and what isn’t.

I added:

The difference between the two systems is obvious. A valid evidence that proves the deficiency found in the democratic system is that some countries have given legitimacy to practices that oppose human nature, customs, traditions, and religion, such as homosexuality, fornication, usury and other abhorrent practices just because such practices have been voted for by the majority.

With many voices calling for moral decay, democracy has helped by participating in creating immoral societies.

I continued: The difference between the Islamic Consultancy system and Western Democracy is the source of sovereignty in legislation.

In Democracy, the sovereignty starts from the people and nation. As for the Islamic Consultancy system, sovereignty starts from God Almighty the Most Glorious.

It’s not the result of human thoughts. Humans can just build upon the godly legislation. Also, they have the right to jurisprudence in whatever’s not included in the heavenly legislation, as long as it’s within the religious framework of what’s permitted and what’s forbidden.

Islam looks at life as it should be. People are looking for a balanced religion that meets their spiritual needs, a religion that is indispensable and at the same time doesn’t marginalize their materialistic needs.

The religion calls for moderation, which is the concept that has been strictly stressed in the final heavenly religion. This heavenly religion was sent through the final messenger peace be upon him, who came to correct the errors previous nations have made, and which have led to the distortion of the religion concept by putting it in a spiritual path only. This has resulted in superstitions that have completely driven people away from religion.

In addition, religion has been manipulated to achieve private objectives by being used as an instrument to pressure the people. This has led to many people following secularism, which is total separation between religion and the state.


Islam which means:

Believing in God (the Creator), that He has no partner or son. He does not incarnate in any of His creations or any idol. Also, humans need to have a direct connection with Him, not through any priest or saint.

This religion has succeeded as a method, while capitalism and communism have failed. No orientalist has studied Islam and its civilization – whatever his stand from Islam is, did not admit that Islam is a Religion and a State. 

However, Muslims being away from their true religion and their inability to properly spread Islam’s principles has contributed in recent decades to an increase in the number of atheists, sceptics, and perplexities in the world.

People in the West advanced in science and knowledge when they abandoned the wrong beliefs based on the distorted religion they had and adopted science and logic. Still, with their approach to science properly, they lost the values, morals and purpose of their existence, by neglecting to embrace the correct religion.


Why Religion? A Journey from Memory.

Faten Sabri

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