The Need for Religion

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The need for religion is greater than the need for food and drink. A person is by nature a religious person. If he does not find the true religion, he will then invent a religion for himself, similar to what happened with the pagan religions created by humankind. Human beings need security in this life, just as they need protection after death; the true religion gives its followers complete safety in this life and the Hereafter.

The measures of the true religion:

Belief in God:

It is essential for a person to have faith in a deity, whether the belief in the true God or in any false deity. He may call this deity god or name it anything else.  His god may be a tree, a star in the sky, a woman, his boss at work, a scientific theory, or even identity in himself, but it is necessary to believe in something that follows it and sanctifies it, along with returning to it in his way of life and may die for it. This is what we call worship. Worshiping the true God frees a person from slavery to others.

The true God is the Creator: 

Worshiping someone other than the true God includes claiming that they are gods, and God must be a creator. The evidence that He is the Creator is either by witnessing what He created in the universe or by inspiration from God who has been proven to be the Creator. If this claim has no evidence, neither from who created the universe nor from the words of the Creator Himself, it is necessarily invalid.

The belief in the Creator is based on the fact that things do not appear without a cause, nor chance can be the creator of the universe because chance is not a primary cause, but rather a secondary result that depends on the availability of other factors (the existence of time, space, matter and energy) in order for these factors to form something accidentally. The word “coincidence” cannot be used to explain anything because it is nothing at all.

The Creator:

  • He must have preceded time, space, energy. Therefore, nature cannot possibly be the creator of the universe because nature itself is time, space and energy. Thus, the Creator must have existed before nature.
  • He must also be omnipotent (having power over everything).
  • He must be a decision maker, producer, originator, and initiator, to start creation.
  • He must have the foresight and must be omniscient (have perfect knowledge of all things).
  • He must be one because for the creator to be perfect, he should not need any other partner, and he should not need to be incarnated in the image of one of his creatures, nor should he have a wife or son in any case, because he possesses all the attributes of perfection.
  • He must be wise and does nothing except with superior wisdom.
  • He must be fair to reward and punish. He must be in contact with people. He would not be God if he created them and left them. That’s why He sent messengers to help clarify the path and inform people of His method. People who took this path deserves the reward, and punishment to those who goes astray.


Religion is a way of life, which organizes a person’s relationship with his Creator and those around him, and it is the path to the afterlife. 

  • It should be closer to the first human instinct, which needs a direct relationship with its Creator, without the intervention of intermediaries, and which represent the virtues and good qualities in Man.
  • It should be one religion; easy and simple, understandable and uncomplicated. 
  • It must be a fixed religion for all generations, countries and kinds of people, which does not accept an increase or decrease according to whims, as is the case in the customs and traditions that originate by humans.
  • It must contain clear and proven beliefs; it does not need a mediator. Religion should not be taken by sentiments, but by correct and proven evidence.
  • It should cover all life issues and every time and place. It should fit this life and the Life after death, build the body and not forget the soul. 
  • It should protect people’s lives and preserve their honor and money.  

Thus, those who did not follow this way, which came in accordance with his nature, lived in a state of turmoil, instability, with a feeling of restlessness in the soul. Also, he’d experience the torment of the Hereafter.  

Why Islam?  

  • The religion of Islam is compatible with human nature.  
  • The religion of Islam has a proven belief that is clear and straightforward. It is far from blind faith.  Islam is not satisfied with addressing the heart and conscience by relying on them as a basis for belief only, it instead follows its principles with a convincing and compelling argument, along with clear proof and correct reasoning that holds the reins of minds and takes the path to hearts.
  • The religion of Islam is a comprehensive teaching of all life aspects. It is flexible, because it is related to the human nature that God created man, and this religion came following the laws of this instinct, which is:

The faith in one God “the Creator”, Who has no child or any partner, Who does not become incarnate in any of His creature’s image or body nor in any idol. And to have direct connection with this God by worshiping Him directly without any intermediary (priests, saints, prophets or idols, etc.).

  • The religion of Islam brought answers to human beings’ innate questions about the purpose of existence, the source of existence, and destiny. It establishes evidence in the issue of divinity from the universe, soul, and history on the existence, oneness, and perfection of God.

Humanity meets in one origin. And everyone came to earth with one goal: knowing God and worshipping Him alone as the Messenger of God worshipped Him, not by worshipping the Messenger himself or worshipping anything else.  

The differences between religions are represented in the means used to communicate with the Creator, directly or through the taking of mediators (saints, priests, idols or prophets). Worshipping God through a mediator is not acceptable by God in any ways, because it is the main reason of devirstity in religions. By worshipping God alone in good moments as He is being worshipped alone when facing deficulties by everyone, autamatically we will get united.

Diversity and difference in traditions and cultures are a universal necessity that obligates the human being of the importance of the continuous of the dialogue. 

God said:

And if your Lord had willed, He could have made mankind one community; but they will not cease to differ.[1]

The purpose of this difference is acquaintance and integration between all races; the path of dialogue is the path that God’s messengers took from Adam to Muhammad – may God’s prayers and peace be upon them all- by Emphasizing on the belief in the Creator and the worship of Him alone, and accepting customs and traditions that do not affect this fact.

God said:

O mankind, indeed We have created you from male and female and made you peoples and tribes that you may know one another. Indeed, the most noble of you in the sight of Allah is the most righteous of you. Indeed, Allah is Knowing and Acquainted.[2]

To spread the message of monotheism, God sent all messengers to all nations, guiding their people to the universal truth, so they start from it and achieve the purpose which they were created for. Every nation had a messenger, and all heavenly messages across time and space have come to serve this purpose. 

God said:

And We indeed sent into every nation a messenger, [saying], Worship Allah and avoided Taghut (idolatry).[3]

Each heavenly message confirms what was brought by the previous one, as the messengers, peace and blessings be upon them, graduated in delivering the message of God. They were united in receiving the message of monotheism from God, but they had different laws according to the human need.  

The Holy Qur’an, which is the book of God and His words, has not changed despite hundreds of years and the different nations and civilizations. It is still as it was revealed, and it continues to lead Muslims in their worldly life and on their way to the Hereafter.

It confirms the origins of the religions that preceded it, and were brought by the messengers for their time.

By taking the path of dialogue , the believer has realized the truth of the oneness of the source of God’s message to proceed from his own faith towards the beginning of the journey on the earth.  

This diversity is not considered an obstacle to the human communication. The dialogue has foundational principles, premises, and faith which enforce humans to respect them and start from them to communicate with the other. The dialogue aims to eliminate fanaticism and phantasy, the projections of blind neurotic affiliations that prevent the human from understanding the reality of pure monotheism and lead to collision and destruction as is the situation now.

The dialogue of the messengers of God begins on a fundamental basis, which is the belief in all the heavenly messages.

With the Qur’an’s recognition of Cosmic realities, and by presenting a summary of the divine messages that meet in the origin of monotheism, and by calling on its followers to recognize this origin, this final book was the culmination of this human communication. 

The believer recognizes that God is the source of everything, and this is the greatest motivation for his journey in life according to God’s method and law. 

Therefore, the worldly life is the beginning of an eternal journey that a person resumes after death. Islam considers that our existence in this world is for a supreme goal and purpose: To get to know His Creator and to worship Him by praying to Him directly.

Any misfortunes that happens, God knows it, and have allowed it. God has absolute wisdom, and absolute wisdom is related to absolute good, and there is no absolute evil in existence.

Despite the shortness of this worldly life, it is like a place of affliction and a test for human beings, so that they are distinguished in degrees and ranks when they approach the next life.  

By providing harmony between reason and religion, reason and the information transformed through narrated chains (Qur’an and the tradition of Prophet Muhammad), mind and heart, there is no enlightenment, renaissance, progress, beauty, or true science except by embracing the religion of Islam.

Islam has succeeded as a method, while capitalism and communism have failed. No orientalist has studied Islam and its civilization – whatever his stand from Islam is, did not admit that Islam is a Religion and a State. 

However, Muslims being away from their true religion and their inability to properly spread Islam’s principles has contributed in recent decades to an increase in the number of atheists, sceptics, and perplexities in the world.

People in the West advanced in science and knowledge when they abandoned the wrong beliefs based on the distorted religion they had and adopted science and logic. Still, with their approach to science properly, they lost the values, morals and purpose of their existence, by neglecting to embrace the correct religion.

[1] (Qur’an 11:118).           

[2] (Qur’an 49:13).

[3] (Qur’an 16:.36).

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