(The Greatest World Cup) – Your Status is Where You Place Yourself

The status of a human being is where their priorities lie.

In the journey of life, with its sorrows, difficulties, joys and ease, we find ourselves waiting for victory, support, and empowerment.

But, in reality, we don’t get it, because as soon as we achieve a certain goal, our desire to reach the next goal starts. Life goes on and dreams never end.

When is the victory?

How do I know what my status is in the sight of the Creator?

How do I get His satisfaction?

I found the answers to these questions when I learned that victory may not come here in this life, and if it comes, it will come temporarily.

If hearts are purified from everything that is worldly, and their only goal is to please the Creator, then comes the victory, but it may not last long.

  • I know my status in the sight of the Creator when I worship Him alone and do not attribute a son, nor any human or animal characteristic to Him.
  • I know my status in the sight of the Creator when I do not resort to asking any of His creation when I am in need, such as a priest or a saint, or any idol or stone, or any of His prophets or one of their family members.
  • I know my status in the sight of the Creator when I believe in all His prophets from Adam to Muhammad, including Jesus Christ and Moses, peace be upon them all.

We all face similar situations in this life, and we must choose carefully and pay attention to what we voice out loud.

Do we always repeat the name of the Creator on our tongues or other names based on our worldly interests and whims?

  • Do I defend the right of a soccer player or singer, or the right of the Creator of the soccer player and singer?
  • Do I defend the freedom of press and journalists first, or the right of the Creator of the journalists?
  • Do I defend the right of land created by the Creator first or the right of the Creator of the land?
  • Do I consider a relative or friend first, or consider the Creator of the relative and friend?

The status of a human being in the sight of the Creator is where their priorities lie.

Urgent journey and sublime goal:

A French child once asked me:

What is the purpose of life?

I said to him:

The purpose of life is to recognize our Creator.

He said:

Is there a Creator?

I said:

Modern science recently spoke about the existence of an intelligent superpower who gave the first trigger to the (Big Bang) which caused the existence of the universe. It is what the believer identified as the Creator.

Nothing comes from nothingness.

Modern science also spoke recently about an end point of the universe, the (Big Crunch), which is what believers identify as the Day of Judgement.

The existence of the Day of Judgment means that the criminal will be held accountable for his crimes, and the benefactor will be rewarded for his good deeds.

This life has no value without the Creator.

The child said:

How can we recognize the Creator then?

I said to him:

Human life is an urgent mission on planet Earth. In this task the life of a human being is a series of decisions he makes in every minute of this life starting from his puberty, for which he will be held accountable after death by his Creator.

If a person is not preoccupied with the task for which the Creator created him, which is to recognize Him through having a direct connection with Him, then he will invent a task of his own.

As a soccer player for example, whose fitness is the core of his mission, he follows a strict regimen of training and food in order to achieve a higher goal for him, which is to get the trophy.

He doesn’t care about all the difficulties he faces, because his primary focus is on achieving his goal, which is to win the cup.

A soccer player in the Mondial knows the answers to four questions:

  • Where he came from?
  • Why did he come?
  • Where does he return?
  • What is the motto of his mission?

The same is the case in the Mondial of life.

The motto of a person in the Mondial of life should be:

We tolerate what we hate and resist what we like.

Whoever wants to steal because of his need for money, for example, must resist his desire and resort to working to earn money, which is the responsibility he wanted to avoid. Whoever wants to cheat his friend must be honest with him, even if his friend wronged him. Whoever wants to have a relationship with a girl outside marriage must resist his desire and marry her, as marriage is the responsibility he wants to avoid, and so on.

This resistance is what gives a person his humanity. If he does not control his desires and submits to them, he will be stripped of his humanity and become a worshiper of his desires. A person must be in control of his desires in order to prove his humanity.

Now humans do whatever comes to their minds without thinking or considering the consequences until they ended up marrying an animal. Thus, they become inferior to the animal, because the animal in all cases does not do what contradicts the sound nature that God created it with.

During this urgent task in life, when a person is exposed to a disease, for example, he supplicates to the Creator in order to seek healing, so that he learns the names of God, the Healer, and the Respondent. And when he receives a blessing, he recognizes the name of God the Giver.

If the person only knows the attributes of beauty, it is as if he did not know God.

The Creator has attributes of beauty and majesty.

If a person does not know the attributes of majesty through his exposure to hardships and adversities, it is as if he did not know his Creator.

He asked:

What is the essence of this task and on what is it based?

I said to him:

The essence of a humans’ task is their rationality with which they distinguished themselves from animals in order to differentiate between right and wrong in every step of their lives.

The struggle between right and wrong remains the basis of the test.

Nations are established in order to be tested by the Creator; to see who will stand with truth and who will stand with falsehood. The result is documented with the Creator’s prior knowledge of it, which will be evidence against each human being based on his/her records on the Day of Resurrection.

People are distinguished from each other according to their attitudes.

The diversity of problems in this life, whether inside homes, workplaces, or even in public, is only to document human attitudes towards these problems.

  • Will the manager do justice to the employee who may take the position from the manager with his efficiency, or will the manager oppress him due to fear of losing his position?
  • Will the pedestrian remove any harm from the road, clearing the way for others, or will he ignore the issue?
  • Will someone who has a sum of money prefer to help his sick brother with this amount, or will he spend it on personal pleasure?

A person dies and his attitudes remain registered by the Creator, bearing witness to him or her.

Future generations will also leave their mark.

The criterion of success:

The French child, who was very intelligent, asked:

What is the standard of success in this world?

I said to him:

The main criterion for success in this life is the degree of strength of a person’s relationship with his Creator, his attitudes, and the order of his priorities.

One must ask himself:

Is the Creator a priority for him or is his priority something else?

Depending on the position he chooses, he will pass or fail the test.

We must remove every goal from our life program and keep the goal of pleasing the Creator.

The child said:

But although the believers stand with the truth, they do not achieve victory in this world.

I told him what I heard and I liked:

We must stand with the truth, not waiting for victory, but to prove our sincerity with the Creator.

The child said:

Why did the Creator not make life without a struggle between right and wrong!

I said to him:

The test must be difficult to distinguish the bad from the good.

If it is an easy test for everyone to pass, in this case, it will be a meaningless test. If everyone stands with the truth, and everyone is against falsehood, then the value of the test will be lost. In fact, falsehood will remain victorious except for certain periods only.

We were not created for this life, rather the Creator created us for Paradise. God wanted this test to give Paradise to those who deserve it by their deeds.

Then I was surprised by the sister of the French child, who is 9 years old when she said:

Why does God prefer the male in Islam over the female?

I told her:

God in the religion of Islam is the Creator of all human beings, who knows their nature and what is good for them. He does not differentiate between them.

I went on to tell her:

Suppose you run 5 km in an hour, and your brother ran 5 km in an hour and a half. Who is faster, stronger, and better in this case?

She said:

Me, of course.

I told her:

If we say that your brother ran on sandy ground and you were inside an equipped track.

She said:

People will understand that my brother is stronger than me.

I said:

So, here the equation changes.

If we know your weight and age, the outcome will change as well. As we learn more details about both of you, the judgment on preference changes.

The Creator created the female with a certain nature and the male with a different nature.

The more details we get concerning these differences, the more our judgment of preference will change.

She said:

The female must be as successful as the male.

I told her:

The Creator did not create the female to do what the male can do. He created her to do what the male cannot do.

Then I asked her:

What is the success criterion for a female? Is the criterion for success is to do what the male does?

If the male throws himself off a mountain, does she throw herself behind him to prove that she is successful?

If a man suffers in his life because of the responsibilities assigned to him by the Creator and relieves the woman from them, then in this case must the woman suffer like him to prove that she is successful?

Can your father bear the pain your mother endured while she was pregnant with you and gave birth?

Can your father even carry a child to ease your mother’s pregnancy troubles?

The only fair comparison, in this case, is the strength of a person’s relationship with his Creator.

A human being’s success, man or woman, is in strengthening their relationship with the Creator.

It’s also the same superficiality when you compare yourself to anyone.

Everyone has a different environment. The opportunities humans encounter are different.

Your life is different, your family is different, and your circumstances are different.

What do we get?

The French girl’s mother directly intervened, saying:

How do you bear the veil, isn’t this slavery? This is unbearable for us. Why doesn’t a man also wear a headscarf?

I told her what I once heard and liked from a Muslim lady:

We can stand the head cover and the heat just as you can bear the pain of wearing high heels. It was never said by women why don’t men wear it like us?

A face cover can obstruct vision just as false eyelashes can do.

Do not you wonder why all this torment? Rather, you hurry to keep pace with everything new, no matter how much it bothers you and drains your money and time.

The Muslim woman bears the veil as you bear the pain of Botox and the cosmetic sessions.

We tolerate covering our hair with fabrics just as you can tolerate covering your face with pore-clogging powders, and covering your hair with caustic hair dyes and fixings!

She said:

But the veil restricts movement.

I told her:

Is wide, loose clothing a restriction from moving?

So what about the clothes that are suffocatingly tight, too short, that restrict you till you can no longer bend over or even breathe freely!

What about the restriction of  you  spending hours outside the house in which you cannot wash your face or touch your hair to not spoil your makeup and ruin your hairstyle?!

We adhere to our headscarves, as those who participate in beauty contests starve from hunger to get a slim figure and thus get the title.

All this patience and suffering… for what and for whom?

For the attention and approval of a man whom the woman is fighting?!

Who is the slave now?

A Muslim woman does that for the sake of her Creator, not for the sake of any man.

The Muslim woman, with what she bears, preserves herself in this world and receives the best reward in the Hereafter.

The Muslim women want the men to recognize their great value in society as a mother, sister, wife, and daughter – not just as a decorative object for men’s pleasure.

Muslim women want to be judged by everyone based on their convictions, ideas, and culture, not based on their outward appearance.

The Muslim woman knows her status in the sight of her Creator by her steadfastness in her position and defining her priorities, which is the Creator’s right. This can be done only by worshiping Him in the way He wants, and not according to her own whims.

As for you, what do you get?

Validity of a source:

The French mother said:

How do we know what the Creator wants and the way He wants us to worship Him?

I told her:

The Creator sent with His Messengers a system of life for humans to abide by.

The books of the previous messengers were changed and distorted. This distortion has been admitted by the followers of these books. The last book, the Qur’an, remains preserved.

She said:

What is the criterion for differentiating between the valid book from the distorted one?

I told her:

The criterion for differentiating between the valid book from the distorted one is:

  • The valid book should not ascribe animal or human attributes to the Creator.
  • The valid book should honour and purify the Creator’s messengers from shortcomings.
  • The valid book should be preserved in its original language.
  • The valid book should not have contradictory and multiple copies of it.
  • The valid book should not be inconsistent with human instinct.
  • The valid book should not be inconsistent with modern science.
  • The valid book should be preserved from distortion.
  • The valid book should acknowledge all the Creator’s messengers from Adam to Muhammad, including Jesus Christ and Moses, peace be upon them all.

All these conditions are found only in the Noble Qur’an.


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