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    Invite to the way of your Lord with wisdom

    The need for religion is greater than the need for food and drink. A person is by nature a religious person. If he does not find the true religion, he will then invent a religion for himself, similar to what happened with the pagan religions created by humankind. Human beings need security in this life, just as they need protection after death; the true religion gives its followers complete safety in this life and the Hereafter. The measures of the true religion: Belief in God: Is essential for a person to have faith in a deity, whether the belief in the true God or in any false deity. He may…

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    Teachings of Islam

    Nothing in Islam’s teachings lead people to atheism; there are no mysteries or ambiguities in Islam that confuse the mind. Islam is simple and solid. The teachings of Islam are summarized as follows: Islam teaches that the universe has one God. He is the Creator of the universe and what it contains. Nothing is like Him. The Muslim must worship his Creator alone by communicating with Him directly upon repentance from sin or seeking help, not through a priest, saint, or mediator. God is the Most Merciful to His creatures, more than a mother to her children, so He forgives them whenever they sincerely repent to Him. It is the…

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    Secrets of Ramadan

    I was astonished one day that a French Catholic woman had a strong hatred for the month of Ramadan, since her Muslim husband does not perform any of the pillars of Islam except fasting, and this lady could not prevent him from doing that, even though he lives far away from any social influence as he lives outside his country. One day, she angrily said in front of a group of Muslim women: I can’t stand this month. I had a conviction at that time that a person’s extreme hatred of a ritual in Islam means that this ritual has secrets, great virtue, and has a special importance to God,…

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